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NFU Hosts 2013 College Conference on Cooperatives PDF Print E-mail

Feb. 15, 2013

Contact: Melisa Augusto, 202-314-3191
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Dan McEvily, 2012-314-3104
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WASHINGTON (Feb. 15 2013) – Students from across the nation will gather in Minneapolis Feb. 15 to 17 to learn how cooperative businesses operate for the benefit of their customers. Students are participating in the NFU College Conference on Cooperatives, sponsored by the CHS Foundation, CoBank, Farmers Union Industries Foundation, National Farmers Union (NFU) Foundation and others.   The event will focus on how and why cooperatives succeed in America's competitive business environment.
"At every level, and in industries as varied as housing and daycare to electrical power generation and farm supply to marketing, cooperatives are leading business models serving millions of Americans," said NFU President Roger Johnson. "Cooperatives are owned by their members who are encouraged to have a voice in the overall business operations."
While in Minneapolis, students will be guests at CHS, the nation's leading and largest agricultural cooperative.  Students also will hear from cooperative leaders, farmers, and government experts who will explain the current challenges facing member-owned cooperatives. Additionally, the students will tour housing, retail and marketing cooperatives in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
"Our own history is very closely tied with the cooperative movement," said Johnson. "Farmers Union has a strong commitment to providing cooperative education not only to our own members, but also to the general public, and especially to young people."
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